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How to Nail the Stylish Office Fashion Game this Season


Mondays can be quite a drag for many people, especially after a weekend of relaxing or going out. Thankfully, fashion can just be the thing to bring more light into the day and keep Monday blues away. With the  winter fashion season, there is a lot of room for mixing up your wardrobe. That said, here are some key things to keep in mind to make sure your fashion game in the office is on point.

Classic, but with a twist

If you like to keep things classic in the office with a matching monochromatic blazer and skirt, try putting in a twist to freshen things up. Add a chunky necklace or a vibrant print to your outfit for a new take. The key is in the details, so make sure to keep things balanced and fresh. Whether it’s a pop of colour with bright lipstick or a pair of bright shoes, make sure you have something that adds more variety to your look.

Balance with prints

Prints are a good element to add into your look, a make it or break it kind of thing that needs to be balanced in order for it to work. Don’t go overboard and make your outfit look like an eyesore with too many print details that prove too distracting. Pair a printed top with a plain skirt and vice versa to keep things light but still office-appropriate.

Sleeveless tops

Sleeveless tops can be worn in the office, but make sure to keep things formal by wearing one that reaches the edge of your shoulders. Thin-strapped sleeveless tops, such as spaghetti straps, are not for the office so reserve those for some other time.

Skirt length

Skirts are a daily essential in the office, but make sure you wear one with just the right length. To be safe, keep the hemline right at the knee. The shortest you can go is a few inches above the knee. If your skirt is too short, pair with tights for a more formal look.


When it comes to the pants you wear, cotton and other soft types of material are your best bet. Make sure you have neutral-coloured pants for easy mix and matching. Printed pants are also a good idea but make sure to pair it with something crisp and plain, such as a white shirt. Jeans can also have their place, but it would require more styling with more formal pieces to avoid looking too relaxed.


Your office dress code may not be too strict, but keeping things appropriate and business casual is the best approach to office fashion. When it comes to your neckline, make sure to have a collar that is less than four inches below your collarbone.


A pair of pumps is the perfect way to round up your outfit for the day. Not to dressy or too formal, pumps can give you the comfort and confidence to take on another work day.

Some days you may favour black pumps, and then bright ones on others to give your outfit an added splash. Make sure to have a few colours in handy for perfect matching.

The office work day demands a lot of energy and creativity, so make sure you are dressed right for the part. With these style tips, you should be able to get your office fashion in order this season.

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